This page is devoted to the planned commercial hair pluggin that I am writing. Right now it is still in the late Alpha stage and I am doing an open alpha/beta testing with the main reason being it is taking me much longer than I expected to finish because of lack of programming time.

Latest Version 0.95 Alpha for Max 2.0
Latest Version 0.93 Alpha for Max 1.2


Soon to come samples and tutorials.
Here are some of the samples files.

Another sample scene showing short hair with motion and spline cage in action.

Things to Implment List

1. Automatic normalization of the spline cage
2. Fix cutter implementation/objects
3. Strength and Strength Falloff bitmap controllers
4. UV/W blend material
5. Planar/Wedge/Spherical localizable gravity space warps
6. Rewrite collision detection to move strand parallel to the collision surface
7. Emitter Object Collision
8. Mulitple Spline Cages per emitter
9. Multiple emitters per system
10. Filler hairs emit exactly from surface
11. Wire strand filler hairs
12. Multiple Bitmap controllers for each material ID.
13. Have vertex deformation include rotation and scale.
14. Change spline graphs at least to full rectangles at most reimplement as a dialog pop up.
15. Add multitreading.
16. Reorder the tab order
17. Put in multiple roll ups
18. Combine Motion Transfer and Vertex Deformation
19. Add a screen pick instead of a dialog pick.
20. A dual texture map that was split between an actual bitmap texture map for skin and a second bitmap that was a lumenance map used for hair length. That way you could paint hair lengths straight onto your models with the second map.
21. Save/Load Presets
22. Random MatID assignment
23. Randomize Facing Strand direction
24. UV mapping similiar to the lofter
25. Implement a field displaying the number of vertex generated by the emitter (in render mode)
26. Possibility to abort the "applying forces" procedure when beginning rendering (this must abort the rendering too of course)
27. Progress Bar when updating particles
28. A material from emitter option
29 A general chaos parameter
30. Have Spline Cage respect smoothing groups
31. Implement mulitple roll outs. 32. A spline cross section to allow for hair lofter

Bug List

When reporting bugs please be very specific in the decription of the bugs and also note what the satatus bar reads.
1. Hair length controller do not update the system automatically
2. System does not update correctly when deleting/adding the Spline Cage
3. Sway freaks out the motion every now and then
4. Deflectors don't work right all the time.
5. Spline Graph leaves screen debris
6. When un-checking the view particles in the viewport option almost always only three out of four viewports are redrawn. The viewport that isn't being redrawn isn't necessarily the same one all of the time.
7. You can pick the hair system as an emitter
8. There are memory leaks and crashes in the filler hair now am looking into.

This page is always under construction. Last updated July, 8 1997

Peter Watje