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Unwrap Ver. 1.1 Max 4

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Ver 1.1 adds
Multiple Map Channel support
Custom Color support
Open Edges
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Unwrap is Max Utility that unwraps the texture coordinates of an object and places them in a bitmap. It is real useful for creating templates for textures. To install just copy unwrap.dlu into your plugin directory. The plugin will be located in the Utility section when you run Max.

To run the unwrap just create an object with texture mapping coordinates. Go into the Utility section and select Unwrap Object Texture from the pull down menu. Set the resolution of the bitmap that you want and then click on the Pick Object button and then select the object to be unwrapped. Max will then respond with a a bitmap dialogue. You can then adjust the parameter and then hit the Save Image button when you are satisified.

Width - Width of the bitmap that will be created
Height - Height of the bitmap that will be created

Map Channel - which map channel to unwrap from

MatID - If Use MatID is checked only faces of that ID will be processed
Use MatID - restricts the processing of faces of that material ID
Draw All Edges - will draw all edges including invisible edges
Mark Open Edges - this will paint open edges in a different color

Background color- the color of the back ground of the bitmap
Line color - the color if the lines
Tick color - the color of selected vertices
Open edge color - the color of open edges

Save Image - will bring up a save dialog for you to save your bitmap
Pick Object - allows you to pick the object to be unwrapped

Help - will take you to the help page

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Note this utility has not been fully tested in a production enviroment so use at your own risk. If you encounter any problems please contact me at

Peter Watje